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ぶらく/buraku/common buraku/ぶらく/common部落

/BU/    -べ/-be/BU//    -be/-べ/

section;  bureau;  dept;  class;  copy;  part;  portion;  counter for copies of a newspaper or magazine

ラク/RAKU/    お.ちる/o.chiru/    お.ち/o.chi/    お.とす/o.tosu/RAKU/ラク/    o.chiru/お.ちる/    o.chi/お.ち/    o.tosu/お.とす/

fall;  drop;  come down;  village;  hamlet

ぶらくみん/burakumin/ burakumin/ぶらくみん/部落民
  • noun:
    1. Burakumin (modern-day descendants of Japan's feudal outcast group)  —Sensitive.   被差別部落民
ぶらくかいほううんどう/burakukaihouundou/ burakukaihouundou/ぶらくかいほううんどう/部落解放運動
  • noun:
    1. Buraku Liberation Movement   部落民



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