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だいご/daigo/common daigo/だいご/common醍醐
  • noun:
    1. ghee (held to be the greatest of all flavours);  the ultimate truth of Buddhism;  nirvana;  —Buddhist term.   五味[2]
だいごみ/daigomi/common daigomi/だいごみ/common醍醐味 · だいご味
  • noun:
    1. the real pleasure (of something);  the real thrill;  the true charm
    2. flavour of ghee;  delicious taste;   醍醐
    3. Buddha's gracious teachings  —Buddhist term.

ダイ/DAI/    タイ/TAI/    テイ/TEI/DAI/ダイ/    TAI/タイ/    TEI/テイ/

whey;  good Buddhist teaching


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