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うわぐすり/uwagusuri/ uwagusuri/うわぐすり/釉薬 · 上薬 · · 上釉
ゆうやく/yuuyaku/ yuuyaku/ゆうやく/釉薬
  • noun:
    1. glaze;  overglaze;  enamel

ユウ//    うわぐすり/uwagusuri/YUU/ユウ/    uwagusuri/うわぐすり/

glaze;  enamel

はいぐすり/haigusuri/ haigusuri/はいぐすり/灰釉
  • noun:
    1. ash glaze (type of fundamental glaze used in ancient times made from the ashes of raw materials such as unhulled rice, straw, oak and pine)
どうゆう/douyuu/ douyuu/どうゆう/銅釉
  • noun:
    1. copper glaze (pottery)
むゆう/muyuu/ muyuu/むゆう/無釉
  • noun with genitive case particle の:
    1. unglazed (e.g. pottery)
せゆう/seyuu/ seyuu/せゆう/施釉
  • noun:
    1. glazing (ceramics)


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