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かま/kama/common kama/かま/common
  • noun:
    1. iron pot;  kettle

/FU/    かま/kama/FU//    kama/かま/

kettle;  cauldron;  iron pot

やかましい/yakamashii/common yakamashii/やかましい/common喧しい · 八釜しい
かしましい/kashimashii/ kashimashii/かしましい/姦しい · 囂しい
かしがましい/kashigamashii/ kashigamashii/かしがましい/囂しい
かまびすしい/kamabisushii/ kamabisushii/かまびすしい/喧しい · 囂しい
かまをほる/kamawohoru/ kamawohoru/かまをほる/釜を掘る
  • expression / godan る verb → conjugation:
    1. to perform anal sex;  to bugger;  to sodomize;  to sodomise;  —Usually written using kana alone.  Colloquialism.  Vulgar.   お釜を掘る[1]
    2. to crash one's car into the back of another
あとがま/atogama/ atogama/あとがま/後釜
  • noun:
    1. successor;  replacement;  second wife
おかま/okama/ · オカマ/OKAMA/ okama/おかま/ · OKAMA/オカマ/御釜 · お釜 · 御竈
  • noun:
    1. pot  —Polite Language 「丁寧語」.   
    2. volcanic crater
    3. (one's) buttocks
    4. male homosexual;  effeminate man;  male transvestite;  —Usually written using kana alone.  Colloquialism.  Often derog..
はつがま/hatsugama/ hatsugama/はつがま/初釜
  • noun:
    1. first tea ceremony of New Year
にじゅうがま/nijuugama/ nijuugama/にじゅうがま/二重釜
  • noun:
    1. jacketed kettle;  double boiler
ふろがま/furogama/ furogama/ふろがま/風呂釜
  • noun:
    1. bath heater
でんきがま/denkigama/ denkigama/でんきがま/電気釜
  • noun:
    1. electric rice-cooker
かまゆで/kamayude/ kamayude/かまゆで/釜茹で
  • noun:
    1. boiling in an iron pot
なべかま/nabekama/ nabekama/なべかま/鍋釜
  • noun:
    1. pots and pans;  kitchen utensils
かまめし/kamameshi/ kamameshi/かまめし/釜飯
  • noun:
    1. rice, meat and vegetable dish served in a small pot
かましき/kamashiki/ kamashiki/かましき/釜敷 · 釜敷き
  • noun:
    1. kettle rest
どがま/dogama/ dogama/どがま/土釜
  • noun:
    1. earthen rice cooker
ちゃがま/chagama/ chagama/ちゃがま/茶釜
  • noun:
    1. teakettle (tea ceremony)
ひとつかま/hitotsukama/ hitotsukama/ひとつかま/一つ釜
  • noun:
    1. one or the same pot;  eating or living together
あとがまにすえる/atogamanisueru/ atogamanisueru/あとがまにすえる/後釜に据える · 後釜にすえる
  • expression / ichidan verb → conjugation:
    1. to install (a person) in (someone's) place
あとがまにすわる/atogamanisuwaru/ atogamanisuwaru/あとがまにすわる/後釜に座る
  • expression / godan る verb → conjugation:
    1. to take someone's place;  to step into someone's shoes;  to succeed someone in his post;   後釜
あつりょくがま/atsuryokugama/ atsuryokugama/あつりょくがま/圧力釜
  • noun:
    1. pressure vessel
ぶんぶくちゃがま/bunbukuchagama/ bunbukuchagama/ぶんぶくちゃがま/文福茶釜
  • noun:
    1. bunbuku chagama (a mythical raccoon dog transformed into a teapot)
おなじかまのめしをくう/onajikamanomeshiwokuu/ onajikamanomeshiwokuu/おなじかまのめしをくう/同じ釜の飯を食う
  • expression / godan う verb → conjugation:
    1. to have lived together;  to be close friends;  to eat out of the same pot
おかまをほる/okamawohoru/ okamawohoru/おかまをほる/お釜を掘る · 御釜を掘る
かまあげうどん/kamaageudon/ kamaageudon/かまあげうどん/釜揚げうどん · 釜揚げ饂飩
  • noun:
    1. udon noodles eaten by dipping in a hot broth   うどん
かまば/kamaba/ kamaba/かまば/釜場
  • noun:
    1. boiler room
かまぶろ/kamaburo/ kamaburo/かまぶろ/釜風呂 · 竈風呂

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