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にしき/nishiki/common nishiki/にしき/common

キン/KIN/    にしき/nishiki/KIN/キン/    nishiki/にしき/

brocade;  fine dress;  honors

にしきえ/nishikie/common nishikie/にしきえ/common錦絵
  • noun:
    1. colour (woodblock) print;  color print
あやにしき/ayanishiki/ ayanishiki/あやにしき/綾錦
  • noun:
    1. twill damask and brocade
にしきごい/nishikigoi/ nishikigoi/にしきごい/錦鯉
  • noun:
    1. coloured carp;  colored carp
にしきへび/nishikihebi/ · ニシキヘビ/NISHIKIHEBI/ nishikihebi/にしきへび/ · NISHIKIHEBI/ニシキヘビ/錦蛇
  • noun:
    1. python;  rock snake;  —Usually written using kana alone.
きんじょう/kinjou/ kinjou/きんじょう/錦上
からにしき/karanishiki/ karanishiki/からにしき/唐錦
  • noun:
    1. Chinese brocade
つづれにしき/tsudurenishiki/ tsudurenishiki/つづれにしき/綴れ錦 · つづれ錦
  • noun:
    1. (hand-woven) brocade
きんき/kinki/ kinki/きんき/錦旗
  • noun:
    1. pennant;  gold-brocade flag
きんち/kinchi/ kinchi/きんち/錦地
  • noun:
    1. your place of residence
けおりにしき/keorinishiki/ keorinishiki/けおりにしき/毛織錦
  • noun:
    1. woollen brocade
きんけい/kinkei/ kinkei/きんけい/錦鶏
  • noun:
    1. golden pheasant
きんじょうてんか/kinjoutenka/ kinjoutenka/きんじょうてんか/錦上添花
  • noun:
    1. adding a crowning touch of beauty (to);  giving added luster (to);  crowning beauty (honor, grace) with even greater glory
にしきぎ/nishikigi/ · ニシキギ/NISHIKIGI/ nishikigi/にしきぎ/ · NISHIKIGI/ニシキギ/錦木
  • noun:
    1. winged spindle-tree (Euonymus alatus);  burning bush;  winged euonymus;  —Usually written using kana alone.
きんかちょう/kinkachou/ · キンカチョウ/KINKACHOU/ kinkachou/きんかちょう/ · KINKACHOU/キンカチョウ/錦華鳥 · 錦花鳥
  • noun:
    1. zebra finch (Taeniopygia guttata)  —Usually written using kana alone.
あみめにしきへび/amimenishikihebi/ · アミメニシキヘビ/AMIMENISHIKIHEBI/ amimenishikihebi/あみめにしきへび/ · AMIMENISHIKIHEBI/アミメニシキヘビ/網目錦蛇
  • noun:
    1. reticulated python (Python reticulatus)  —Usually written using kana alone.
しょっこうのにしき/shokkounonishiki/ shokkounonishiki/しょっこうのにしき/蜀江の錦
  • noun:
    1. type of red brocade originally from the ancient Chinese country of Shu and passed on in Japan
    2. type of brocade made in Sichuan during the Ming period
しょっきん/shokkin/ shokkin/しょっきん/蜀錦
きんしゅう/kinshuu/ kinshuu/きんしゅう/錦秋
  • noun:
    1. autumn where the foliage is as beautiful as brocade;  autumn with beautiful leaves;   錦繍[3]
きんしゅう/kinshuu/ kinshuu/きんしゅう/錦繍 · 錦綉
  • noun:
    1. fabric with a brocade and embroidery;  beautiful fabric;  beautiful clothes
    2. beautiful poem;  beautiful wording
    3. beautiful autumn leaves;  beautiful flowers
にしきうずがい/nishikiuzugai/ · ニシキウズガイ/NISHIKIUZUGAI/ nishikiuzugai/にしきうずがい/ · NISHIKIUZUGAI/ニシキウズガイ/錦渦貝
  • noun:
    1. maculated top shell (Trochus maculatus)  —Usually written using kana alone.


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