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よろい/yoroi/common yoroi/よろい/common ·

カイ/KAI/    ガイ/GAI/    よろ.う/yoro.u/    よろい/yoroi/KAI/カイ/    GAI/ガイ/    yoro.u/よろ.う/    yoroi/よろい/

put on armor;  arm oneself

ひおどしよろい/hiodoshiyoroi/ hiodoshiyoroi/ひおどしよろい/緋縅し鎧
  • noun:
    1. scarlet-threaded suit of armor (armour)
よろいいちぐ/yoroiichigu/ yoroiichigu/よろいいちぐ/鎧一具
  • noun:
    1. suit of armor;  suit of armour
よろいど/yoroido/ yoroido/よろいど/鎧戸
がいきゅう/gaikyuu/ gaikyuu/がいきゅう/鎧球
  • noun:
    1. American football
よろいとかげ/yoroitokage/ yoroitokage/よろいとかげ/鎧蜥蜴
  • noun:
    1. girdle-tailed lizard
がいりゅう/gairyuu/ gairyuu/がいりゅう/鎧竜
  • noun:
    1. ankylosaur (any dinosaur of infraorder Ankylosauria)  —Obscure term.
がいしゅういっしょく/gaishuuisshoku/ gaishuuisshoku/がいしゅういっしょく/鎧袖一触
  • noun:
    1. (beating someone) hands down;  with a single blow
よろいねずみ/yoroinezumi/ yoroinezumi/よろいねずみ/鎧鼠
よろいぐさ/yoroigusa/ · ヨロイグサ/YOROIGUSA/ yoroigusa/よろいぐさ/ · YOROIGUSA/ヨロイグサ/鎧草
  • noun:
    1. Angelica dahurica (species of angelica)  —Usually written using kana alone.
ばんきんよろい/bankin'yoroi/ bankin'yoroi/ばんきんよろい/板金鎧
  • noun:
    1. plate armor;  plate armour
よろいびつ/yoroibitsu/ yoroibitsu/よろいびつ/鎧櫃
  • noun:
    1. storage chest for a suit of armour and a helmet
よろいいた/yoroiita/ yoroiita/よろいいた/鎧板
  • noun:
    1. slat;  spline;  louver;  louvre


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