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Showing entries with nouns only.
とうし/toushi/common toushi/とうし/common闘志

トウ//    たたか.う/tataka.u/    あらそ.う/araso.u/TOU/トウ/    tataka.u/たたか.う/    araso.u/あらそ.う/

fight;  war

/SHI/    シリング/SHIRINGU/    こころざ.す/    こころざし/kokorozashi/SHI//    SHIRINGU/シリング/こころざ.す/    kokorozashi/こころざし/

intention;  plan;  resolve;  aspire;  motive;  hopes;  shilling

とうしまんまん/toushimanman/usually just kana toushimanman/とうしまんまん/usually just kana闘志満々 · 闘志満満
  • noun with genitive case particle の / たる adjective → conjugation / adverb taking the と particle:
    1. brimming with fighting spirit;  being strong in the will to fight;  burning with combativeness



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