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はやぶさ/hayabusa/common · ハヤブサ/HAYABUSA/ hayabusa/はやぶさ/common · HAYABUSA/ハヤブサ/
  • noun:
    1. falcon (esp. the peregrine falcon, Falco peregrinus)  —Usually written using kana alone.

シュン/SHUN/    ジュン/JUN/    はやぶさ/hayabusa/SHUN/シュン/    JUN/ジュン/    hayabusa/はやぶさ/


おおはやぶさ/oohayabusa/ oohayabusa/おおはやぶさ/大隼
  • noun:
    1. gerfalcon
ハヤブサか/HAYABUSAka/ HAYABUSAka/ハヤブサか/ハヤブサ科
はやぶさか/hayabusaka/ hayabusaka/はやぶさか/隼科
  • noun / noun with genitive case particle の:
    1. Falconidae;  family of birds of prey
ようしゅん/youshun/ youshun/ようしゅん/鷹隼
  • noun:
    1. hawk and falcon  —Archaism.
ちごはやぶさ/chigohayabusa/ · チゴハヤブサ/CHIGOHAYABUSA/ chigohayabusa/ちごはやぶさ/ · CHIGOHAYABUSA/チゴハヤブサ/稚児隼
  • noun:
    1. northern hobby (species of falcon, Falco subbuteo)  —Usually written using kana alone.
しろはやぶさ/shirohayabusa/ · シロハヤブサ/SHIROHAYABUSA/ shirohayabusa/しろはやぶさ/ · SHIROHAYABUSA/シロハヤブサ/白隼
  • noun:
    1. gyrfalcon (Falco rusticolus)  —Usually written using kana alone.


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