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しゅうごう/shuugou/common shuugou/しゅうごう/common集合

シュウ/SHŪ/    あつ.まる/atsu.maru/    あつ.める/atsu.meru/    つど.う/tsudo.u/SHUU/シュウ/    atsu.maru/あつ.まる/    atsu.meru/あつ.める/    tsudo.u/つど.う/

gather;  meet;  congregate;  swarm;  flock

ゴウ//    ガッ/GA'/    カッ/KA'/    あ.う/a.u/    -あ.う/-a.u/    あ.い/a.i/    あい-/ai-/    -あ.い/-a.i/    -あい/-ai/    あ.わす/a.wasu/    あ.わせる/a.waseru/    -あ.わせる/-a.waseru/GOU/ゴウ/    GA'/ガッ/    KA'/カッ/    a.u/あ.う/    -a.u/-あ.う/    a.i/あ.い/    ai-/あい-/    -a.i/-あ.い/    -ai/-あい/    a.wasu/あ.わす/    a.waseru/あ.わせる/    -a.waseru/-あ.わせる/

fit;  suit;  join;  0.1

しゅうごうてき/shuugouteki/ shuugouteki/しゅうごうてき/集合的
しゅうごうたい/shuugoutai/ shuugoutai/しゅうごうたい/集合体
しゅうごうめいし/shuugoumeishi/ shuugoumeishi/しゅうごうめいし/集合名詞
  • noun:
    1. collective noun  —Linguistics term.
しゅうごうじゅうたく/shuugoujuutaku/ shuugoujuutaku/しゅうごうじゅうたく/集合住宅
  • noun:
    1. apartment building;  housing complex
しゅうごうろん/shuugouron/ shuugouron/しゅうごうろん/集合論
  • noun:
    1. set theory  —Mathematics term.
しゅうごうきじゅつ/shuugoukijutsu/ shuugoukijutsu/しゅうごうきじゅつ/集合記述
  • noun:
    1. set description
しゅうごうじかん/shuugoujikan/ shuugoujikan/しゅうごうじかん/集合時間
  • noun:
    1. time appointed for meeting (assembling);  time one is supposed to meet
しゅうごうばしょ/shuugoubasho/ shuugoubasho/しゅうごうばしょ/集合場所
しゅうごうち/shuugouchi/ shuugouchi/しゅうごうち/集合知
  • noun:
    1. wisdom of crowds
しゅうごうてきむいしき/shuugoutekimuishiki/ shuugoutekimuishiki/しゅうごうてきむいしき/集合的無意識
  • noun:
    1. collective unconscious
しゅうごうざい/shuugouzai/ shuugouzai/しゅうごうざい/集合財
  • noun:
    1. collective goods (i.e, goods or services such as parks, highways, etc. which could be supplied privately, but are usually provided by the government)   公共財
しゅうごうじさつ/shuugoujisatsu/ shuugoujisatsu/しゅうごうじさつ/集合自殺
  • noun / noun or participle with aux. verb する → conjugation:
    1. group suicide;  mass suicide;  arranged suicide of two or more people;  —Obscure term.   集団自殺
しゅうごうはん/shuugouhan/ shuugouhan/しゅうごうはん/集合犯
  • noun:
    1. single crime that naturally consists of a number of incidences and is charged as only one count (i.e. habitual gambling)
    2. crime whose goal requires a large number of people acting together (i.e. insurrection)   集団犯罪
しゅうごうフェロモン/shuugouFEROMON/ shuugouFEROMON/しゅうごうフェロモン/集合フェロモン
  • noun:
    1. aggregation pheromone
しゅうごうがた/shuugougata/ shuugougata/しゅうごうがた/集合型
  • noun:
    1. set type  —IT term.
しゅうごうちぞくせい/shuugouchizokusei/ shuugouchizokusei/しゅうごうちぞくせい/集合値属性
  • noun:
    1. set-valued attribute  —IT term.



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