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Showing entries with nouns only.
うてん/uten/common uten/うてん/common雨天

/U/    あめ/ame/    あま-/ama-/    -さめ/-same/U//    ame/あめ/    ama-/あま-/    -same/-さめ/


テン/TEN/    あまつ/amatsu/    あめ/ame/    あま-/ama-/TEN/テン/    amatsu/あまつ/    ame/あめ/    ama-/あま-/

heavens;  sky;  imperial

うてんじゅんえん/utenjun'en/common utenjun'en/うてんじゅんえん/common雨天順延
  • noun:
    1. rescheduled in case of rain
うてんつづき/utentsuduki/ utentsuduki/うてんつづき/雨天続き
  • noun:
    1. long spell of rainy weather



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