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Showing entries with nouns only.
めんどう/mendou/common mendou/めんどう/common面倒

メン/MEN/    ベン/BEN/    おも/omo/    おもて/omote/    つら/tsura/MEN/メン/    BEN/ベン/    omo/おも/    omote/おもて/    tsura/つら/

mask;  face;  features;  surface

トウ//    たお.れる/tao.reru/    -だお.れ/    たお.す/    さかさま/sakasama/    さかさ/sakasa/    さかしま/sakashima/TOU/トウ/    tao.reru/たお.れる/だお.れ/たお.す/    sakasama/さかさま/    sakasa/さかさ/    sakashima/さかしま/

overthrow;  fall;  collapse;  drop;  break down

めんどうみ/mendoumi/ mendoumi/めんどうみ/面倒見
  • noun:
    1. taking care of someone
めんどうくさがり/mendoukusagari/ · めんどくさがり/mendokusagari/ mendoukusagari/めんどうくさがり/ · mendokusagari/めんどくさがり/面倒くさがり · 面倒臭がり
  • noun:
    1. tending to find things bothersome;  person who tends to find most things bothersome;  —Usually written using kana alone.



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