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がんこ/ganko/common ganko/がんこ/common頑固

ガン/GAN/    かたく/kataku/GAN/ガン/    kataku/かたく/

stubborn;  foolish;  firmly

/KO/    かた.める/kata.meru/    かた.まる/kata.maru/    かた.まり/kata.mari/    かた.い/kata.i/KO//    kata.meru/かた.める/    kata.maru/かた.まる/    kata.mari/かた.まり/    kata.i/かた.い/

harden;  set;  clot;  curdle

がんこいってつ/gankoittetsu/ gankoittetsu/がんこいってつ/頑固一徹
  • noun / adjectival noun → conjugation:
    1. stubborn;  obstinate;  sticking to one's views or decisions
がんこおやじ/gankooyaji/ gankooyaji/がんこおやじ/頑固親父
  • noun:
    1. stubborn (obstinate) father;  pig-headed old man
がんこもの/gankomono/ gankomono/がんこもの/頑固者
  • noun:
    1. stubborn person;  bonehead;  bullethead;  pig-headed person



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