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Showing entries with nouns only.
ねがい/negai/common negai/ねがい/common願い

ガン/GAN/    ねが.う/nega.u/    -ねがい/-negai/GAN/ガン/    nega.u/ねが.う/    -negai/-ねがい/

petition;  request;  vow;  wish;  hope

ねがいで/negaide/common negaide/ねがいで/common願い出
  • noun:
    1. application;  petition
ねがいさげ/negaisage/common negaisage/ねがいさげ/common願い下げ
ねがいごと/negaigoto/ negaigoto/ねがいごと/願い事 · 願いごと · 願事
ねがいぬし/negainushi/ negainushi/ねがいぬし/願い主
  • noun:
    1. applicant;  person who prays



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