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Showing entries with nouns only.
るいじ/ruiji/common ruiji/るいじ/common類似

ルイ/RUI/    たぐ.い/tagu.i/RUI/ルイ/    tagu.i/たぐ.い/

sort;  kind;  variety;  class;  genus

/JI/    に.る/    ひ.る/に.る/ひ.る/

becoming;  resemble;  counterfeit;  imitate;  suitable

るいじてん/ruijiten/ ruijiten/るいじてん/類似点
るいじひん/ruijihin/ ruijihin/るいじひん/類似品
  • noun:
    1. imitation;  similar article;  similar goods
るいじど/ruijido/ ruijido/るいじど/類似度
  • noun:
    1. degree of similarity
るいじせいひん/ruijiseihin/ ruijiseihin/るいじせいひん/類似製品
  • noun:
    1. lookalike (product)  —IT term.
るいじせい/ruijisei/ ruijisei/るいじせい/類似性
  • noun / noun with genitive case particle の:
    1. resemblance;  similarity;  analogy
るいじたい/ruijitai/ ruijitai/るいじたい/類似体
  • noun:
    1. analog (chemistry);  analogue



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