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もち/mochi/common · もちい/mochii/obsolete · かちん/kachin/obsolete · あも/amo/obsolete mochi/もち/common · mochii/もちい/obsolete · kachin/かちん/obsolete · amo/あも/obsolete · outdated
あんもち/anmochi/ anmochi/あんもち/餡餅
あんも/anmo/ anmo/あんも/餡餅 ·

ヘイ/HEI/    ヒョウ/HYŌ/    もち/mochi/    もちい/mochii/HEI/ヘイ/    HYOU/ヒョウ/    mochi/もち/    mochii/もちい/

mochi rice cake

せんべい/senbei/common senbei/せんべい/common煎餅
やきもち/yakimochi/common yakimochi/やきもち/common焼きもち · 焼もち · 焼き餠 · 焼き餅 · 焼餅
おもち/omochi/ omochi/おもち/お餅
  • noun:
    1. rice cakes;  pounded mochi rice;  —Usually written using kana alone.
あべかわもち/abekawamochi/ abekawamochi/あべかわもち/安倍川餅
  • noun:
    1. rice cakes (mochi) with Kinako  —Food term.  Usually written using kana alone.
ぼたもち/botamochi/ botamochi/ぼたもち/牡丹餅 · ぼた餅
がべい/gabei/ · がへい/gahei/ gabei/がべい/ · gahei/がへい/画餅
  • noun:
    1. failure;  fiasco;  rice-cake painting;  collapse;  something of little value
けっぺい/keppei/ keppei/けっぺい/血餅
  • noun:
    1. (blood) clot
やきもちやき/yakimochiyaki/ yakimochiyaki/やきもちやき/焼き餅焼き · 焼き餅やき · やきもち焼き
  • noun:
    1. jealous person
のしもち/noshimochi/ noshimochi/のしもち/伸し餅 · 伸餅
  • noun:
    1. flattened rice cakes
せんべいぶとん/senbeibuton/ senbeibuton/せんべいぶとん/煎餅布団 · 煎餅蒲団
  • noun:
    1. thin bedding;  hard bed;  bedding worn flat and hard by usage
かがみもち/kagamimochi/ kagamimochi/かがみもち/鏡餅 · 鏡餠outdated
  • noun:
    1. mirror-shaped mochi, usu. a pair stacked in order of size with a daidai on top, used as a New Year offering, then cut and eaten on January 11.
しりもち/shirimochi/ shirimochi/しりもち/尻餠 · 尻餅
かんもち/kanmochi/ kanmochi/かんもち/寒餅
  • noun:
    1. mochi made in winter
もちはだ/mochihada/ mochihada/もちはだ/餅肌 · 餠肌 · もち肌
  • noun:
    1. soft skin;  smooth skin
もちあみ/mochiami/ mochiami/もちあみ/餅網 · 餠網
  • noun:
    1. grill or grate for toasting rice cakes
くずもち/kuzumochi/ kuzumochi/くずもち/葛餅
  • noun:
    1. kudzu starch cake
だいふくもち/daifukumochi/ daifukumochi/だいふくもち/大福餅
  • noun:
    1. rice cake stuffed with sweet bean jam
しおせんべい/shiosenbei/ shiosenbei/しおせんべい/塩煎餅
  • noun:
    1. rice cracker seasoned with soy sauce
ちんもち/chinmochi/ chinmochi/ちんもち/賃餅
  • noun:
    1. rice cakes made after the customer has paid for them
さくらもち/sakuramochi/ sakuramochi/さくらもち/桜餅
  • noun:
    1. rice cake with bean paste wrapped in a preserved cherry leaf
ひしもち/hishimochi/ hishimochi/ひしもち/菱餅
  • noun:
    1. rhombus-shaped mochi
かしわもち/kashiwamochi/ kashiwamochi/かしわもち/柏餅
  • noun:
    1. rice cakes wrapped in oak leaves
かわらせんべい/kawarasenbei/ kawarasenbei/かわらせんべい/瓦煎餅
  • noun:
    1. tile-shaped rice-cracker

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