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まじゅつ/majutsu/common majutsu/まじゅつ/common魔術


witch;  demon;  evil spirit

ジュツ/JUTSU/    すべ/sube/JUTSU/ジュツ/    sube/すべ/

art;  technique;  skill;  means;  trick;  resources;  magic

まじゅつし/majutsushi/ majutsushi/まじゅつし/魔術師
まじゅつてきけいざいがく/majutsutekikeizaigaku/ majutsutekikeizaigaku/まじゅつてきけいざいがく/魔術的経済学
  • noun:
    1. voodoo economics
まじゅつだん/majutsudan/ majutsudan/まじゅつだん/魔術団
  • noun:
    1. troupe of magicians



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