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ひしくい/hishikui/ · ヒシクイ/HISHIKUI/ hishikui/ひしくい/ · HISHIKUI/ヒシクイ/ · 菱食
  • noun:
    1. bean goose (Anser fabalis)  —Usually written using kana alone.
おおとり/ootori/ ootori/おおとり/大鳥 · · · ·
  • noun:
    1. large bird
    2. peng (in Chinese mythology, giant bird said to transform from a fish)  —Esp. 鵬.   ほう【鵬】
    3. fenghuang (Chinese phoenix)  —Esp. 鳳 and 凰 as male and female respectively.   鳳凰

コウ//    ゴウ//    おおとり/ōtori/    ひしくい/hishikui/    おおがり/ōgari/KOU/コウ/    GOU/ゴウ/    ootori/おおとり/    hishikui/ひしくい/    oogari/おおがり/

large bird;  wild goose;  large;  great;  powerful;  prosperous

えんじゃくこうこく/enjakukoukoku/ enjakukoukoku/えんじゃくこうこく/燕雀鴻鵠
  • expression:
    1. How can a small bird (a sparrow, a petty person) understand the aspirations of a great bird (a phoenix);  Only a hero can understand a hero
こうき/kouki/ kouki/こうき/鴻基 · 洪基
  • noun:
    1. foundation of a great project;  base of a great enterprise
こうぎょう/kougyou/ kougyou/こうぎょう/鴻業 · 洪業
  • noun:
    1. glorious achievement


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