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くろ/kuro/common kuro/くろ/common

コク/KOKU/    くろ/kuro/    くろ.ずむ/kuro.zumu/    くろ.い/kuro.i/KOKU/コク/    kuro/くろ/    kuro.zumu/くろ.ずむ/    kuro.i/くろ.い/


くろじ/kuroji/common kuroji/くろじ/common黒字
こくじん/kokujin/common kokujin/こくじん/common黒人
こっかい/kokkai/common kokkai/こっかい/common黒海
  • noun / noun with genitive case particle の:
    1. Black Sea
ほくろ/hokuro/common · こくし/kokushi/ · ははくそ/hahakuso/obsolete · ははくろ/hahakuro/obsolete · ほくそ/hokuso/obsolete hokuro/ほくろ/common · kokushi/こくし/ · hahakuso/ははくそ/obsolete · hahakuro/ははくろ/obsolete · hokuso/ほくそ/obsolete黒子
まっくろ/makkuro/common makkuro/まっくろ/common真っ黒 · 真黒
くろぼし/kuroboshi/common kuroboshi/くろぼし/common黒星
  • noun:
    1. black spot;  black dot;  bull's-eye
    2. failure mark  —Sumo term.
こくばん/kokuban/common kokuban/こくばん/common黒板
くろき/kuroki/common kuroki/くろき/common黒木
  • noun:
    1. unbarked lumber
しろくろ/shirokuro/common shirokuro/しろくろ/common白黒
こくえん/kokuen/common kokuen/こくえん/common黒鉛
  • noun:
    1. graphite
くろけむり/kurokemuri/common · こくえん/kokuen/ kurokemuri/くろけむり/common · kokuen/こくえん/黒煙
  • noun:
    1. black smoke
だいこくばしら/daikokubashira/common daikokubashira/だいこくばしら/common大黒柱
  • noun:
    1. central pillar (of a building)
    2. mainstay (e.g. of an economy);  backbone (e.g. of a family);  provider;  main man
あんこく/ankoku/common ankoku/あんこく/common暗黒 · 闇黒
くろしお/kuroshio/common kuroshio/くろしお/common黒潮
  • noun:
    1. Japan Current;  Kuroshio Current
こくしょく/kokushoku/common kokushoku/こくしょく/common黒色
くろまく/kuromaku/common kuromaku/くろまく/common黒幕
こくい/kokui/common · こくえ/kokue/ · くろぎぬ/kuroginu/ kokui/こくい/common · kokue/こくえ/ · kuroginu/くろぎぬ/黒衣
だいこく/daikoku/common daikoku/だいこく/common大黒
  • noun:
    1. god of wealth  —Abbreviation.   大黒天
    2. monk's wife  —Archaism.
くろふね/kurofune/common kurofune/くろふね/common黒船
  • noun:
    1. black ships (i.e. Western ships, often painted with tar, that came to Japan in the 16th century)
    2. product, person, etc. arriving from the West and disturbing the Japanese market, etc.
くろぬり/kuronuri/common kuronuri/くろぬり/common黒塗り
くろかみ/kurokami/common · こくはつ/kokuhatsu/ kurokami/くろかみ/common · kokuhatsu/こくはつ/黒髪
  • noun / noun with genitive case particle の:
    1. black hair
くろじ/kuroji/common kuroji/くろじ/common黒地
  • noun:
    1. black ground;  black cloth
くろしろ/kuroshiro/common · こくはく/kokuhaku/ · こくびゃく/kokubyaku/ kuroshiro/くろしろ/common · kokuhaku/こくはく/ · kokubyaku/こくびゃく/黒白
くろやま/kuroyama/common kuroyama/くろやま/common黒山
  • noun:
    1. large crowd;  mass of people

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