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じゅうし/juushi/common · じゅうよん/juuyon/ juushi/じゅうし/common · juuyon/じゅうよん/十四
  • noun:
    1. 14;  fourteen
さいさんさいし/saisansaishi/ saisansaishi/さいさんさいし/再三再四
ちょうさんぼし/chousanboshi/ chousanboshi/ちょうさんぼし/朝三暮四
  • noun:
    1. being preoccupied with immediate (superficial) differences without realizing that there are no differences in substance
くんくんしい/kunkunshii/ kunkunshii/くんくんしい/工工四 · 工々四
  • noun:
    1. type of Ryuukyuu stringed instrument music
やし/yashi/ yashi/やし/野師 · 弥四 · 香具師
  • noun:
    1. showman;  charlatan;  faker;  quack
ちょうさんりし/chousanrishi/ chousanrishi/ちょうさんりし/張三李四
  • noun:
    1. the common run of men;  the average Joe;  good-for-nothing (person)
たんそじゅうし/tansojuushi/ tansojuushi/たんそじゅうし/炭素14 · 炭素一四
  • noun:
    1. carbon-14
だいよん/daiyon/ daiyon/だいよん/第四 · 第4
  • noun / noun with genitive case particle の:
    1. fourth

/SHI/    /yo/    よ.つ/yo.tsu/    よっ.つ/yoっ.tsu/    よん/yon/SHI//    yo//    yo.tsu/よ.つ/    yoっ.tsu/よっ.つ/    yon/よん/



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