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どうちょう/douchou/common douchou/どうちょう/common同町
  • noun:
    1. the same town;  that town
したまち/shitamachi/common shitamachi/したまち/common下町
むろまち/muromachi/common muromachi/むろまち/common室町
  • noun:
    1. Muromachi (era 1392-1573, or 1333-1573, or 1336-1573)
こまち/komachi/common komachi/こまち/common小町
  • noun:
    1. a belle;  town beauty
じょうかまち/joukamachi/common joukamachi/じょうかまち/common城下町
よこちょう/yokochou/common yokochou/よこちょう/common横丁 · 横町
もんぜんまち/monzenmachi/ · もんぜんちょう/monzenchou/common monzenmachi/もんぜんまち/ · monzenchou/もんぜんちょう/common門前町
  • noun:
    1. town originally built around a temple or shrine
りょうしまち/ryoushimachi/ ryoushimachi/りょうしまち/漁師町
  • noun:
    1. fishing village
みなとまち/minatomachi/ minatomachi/みなとまち/港町
しちょう/shichou/ shichou/しちょう/市町
  • noun:
    1. cities and towns
なんきんまち/nankinmachi/ nankinmachi/なんきんまち/南京町
  • noun:
    1. Chinatown
にのまち/ninomachi/ ninomachi/にのまち/二の町
  • noun:
    1. inferior;  second-rate
うらまち/uramachi/ uramachi/うらまち/裏町 · 裏街
かがい/kagai/ kagai/かがい/花街
はなまち/hanamachi/ hanamachi/はなまち/花街 · 花町
  • noun:
    1. red-light district;  prostitution quarter;  geisha quarter
やしきまち/yashikimachi/ yashikimachi/やしきまち/屋敷町
  • noun:
    1. residential area
いろまち/iromachi/ iromachi/いろまち/色町 · 色街
  • noun:
    1. red-light district
おんせんまち/onsenmachi/ onsenmachi/おんせんまち/温泉町
  • noun:
    1. hot-spring resort;  spa town
とうかいどうすじのまち/toukaidousujinomachi/ toukaidousujinomachi/とうかいどうすじのまち/東海道筋の町
  • noun:
    1. towns on the Tokaido
となりまち/tonarimachi/ tonarimachi/となりまち/隣町
はっぴゃくやちょう/happyakuyachou/ happyakuyachou/はっぴゃくやちょう/八百八町
  • noun:
    1. the whole enormous extent of Edo;  from one side of Edo to the other
たにまち/tanimachi/ tanimachi/たにまち/谷町
  • noun:
    1. sponsors of rikishi or their stables  —Sumo term.  Usually written using kana alone.
にほんじんまち/nihonjinmachi/ nihonjinmachi/にほんじんまち/日本人町
  • noun:
    1. Japantown (esp. historical Japantowns in Southeast Asia founded in the 16th-17th centuries)
にほんまち/nihonmachi/ nihonmachi/にほんまち/日本町
  • noun:
    1. Japantown (esp. historical Japantowns in Southeast Asia founded in the 16th-17th centuries)   日本人町
ながたちょう/nagatachou/ nagatachou/ながたちょう/永田町
  • noun:
    1. Nagata-chou (Japan's political center; equiv. of Downing Street)
かたがわまち/katagawamachi/ katagawamachi/かたがわまち/片側町
  • noun:
    1. street with houses lined up only on one side

チョウ/CHŌ/    まち/machi/CHOU/チョウ/    machi/まち/

town;  village;  block;  street

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