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じどう/jidou/common jidou/じどう/common児童
がくどう/gakudou/common gakudou/がくどう/common学童
てんどう/tendou/common tendou/てんどう/common天童
  • noun:
    1. cherub;  gods disguised as children;  children parading as cherubs
かっぱ/kappa/common kappa/かっぱ/common河童
しんどう/shindou/common shindou/しんどう/common神童
あくどう/akudou/common akudou/あくどう/common悪童
  • noun:
    1. bad boy
おかっぱ/okappa/ okappa/おかっぱ/御河童 · お河童
  • noun:
    1. bobbed hair (from resemblance to the mythical Kappa's hair style)  —Usually written using kana alone.   河童
しゅうがくじどう/shuugakujidou/ shuugakujidou/しゅうがくじどう/就学児童
  • noun:
    1. school child
しゅんどう/shundou/ shundou/しゅんどう/俊童
  • noun:
    1. precocious child
おおわらわ/oowarawa/ oowarawa/おおわらわ/大童
  • adjectival noun → conjugation / noun:
    1. strenuous efforts;  hard fighting;  —Sensitive.
ぼくどう/bokudou/ bokudou/ぼくどう/牧童
みしゅうがくじどう/mishuugakujidou/ mishuugakujidou/みしゅうがくじどう/未就学児童
かいどう/kaidou/ kaidou/かいどう/怪童
  • noun:
    1. unusually large or strong youth
そんどう/sondou/ sondou/そんどう/村童
  • noun:
    1. village child
こわっぱ/kowappa/ kowappa/こわっぱ/小童 · 小わっぱ
こわらわ/kowarawa/obsolete · こわらべ/kowarabe/obsolete kowarawa/こわらわ/obsolete · kowarabe/こわらべ/obsolete小童
  • noun:
    1. boy;  child;  youth;  brat;  —Usually written using kana alone.  Derogatory.
がくれいじどう/gakureijidou/ gakureijidou/がくれいじどう/学齢児童
  • noun:
    1. children of school age
ようどう/youdou/ youdou/ようどう/幼童
  • noun:
    1. little child
けっしょくじどう/kesshokujidou/ kesshokujidou/けっしょくじどう/欠食児童
  • noun:
    1. schoolchild without lunch
ざしきわらし/zashikiwarashi/ zashikiwarashi/ざしきわらし/座敷童 · 座敷童子
  • noun:
    1. protective household deity in Tohoku, appearing as a red-faced child spirit with bobbed-hair
やまわろ/yamawaro/ yamawaro/やまわろ/山童
  • noun:
    1. one-eyed mountain spirit
めのわらべ/menowarabe/ · めのわらわ/menowarawa/ menowarabe/めのわらべ/ · menowarawa/めのわらわ/女の童
  • noun:
    1. girl  —Archaism.
へのかっぱ/henokappa/ henokappa/へのかっぱ/屁の河童
じどう/jidou/ jidou/じどう/慈童
  • noun:
    1. noh mask resembling a dignified youth
おかにあがったかっぱ/okaniagattakappa/ okaniagattakappa/おかにあがったかっぱ/陸に上がった河童
しょうどう/shoudou/ shoudou/しょうどう/小童 · 少童
  • noun:
    1. young person;  young servant;  —Archaism.

ドウ//    わらべ/warabe/DOU/ドウ/    warabe/わらべ/

juvenile;  child

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