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ななくさがゆ/nanakusagayu/ nanakusagayu/ななくさがゆ/七草粥 · 七種粥 · 七草がゆ · 七種がゆ
  • noun:
    1. rice gruel containing the seven plants of spring
あずきがゆ/azukigayu/ azukigayu/あずきがゆ/小豆粥
  • noun:
    1. rice gruel with adzuki beans
ちゃがゆ/chagayu/ chagayu/ちゃがゆ/茶粥
  • noun:
    1. tea gruel;  tea flavoured rice gruel
おかゆ/okayu/ okayu/おかゆ/お粥 · 御粥
いもがゆ/imogayu/ imogayu/いもがゆ/芋粥
  • noun:
    1. rice gruel with diced sweet potatoes
    2. gruel with ivy broth and finely minced Japanese yam served at large Imperial banquets  —Archaism.
とうじがゆ/toujigayu/ toujigayu/とうじがゆ/冬至粥
  • noun:
    1. azuki bean rice gruel eaten on the day of the winter solstice (to chase away demons that spread contagious diseases)
じゅうやがゆ/juuyagayu/ juuyagayu/じゅうやがゆ/十夜粥

イク/IKU/    シュク/SHUKU/    ジュク/JUKU/    かゆ/kayu/    かい/kai/    ひさ.ぐ/イク/    SHUKU/シュク/    JUKU/ジュク/    kayu/かゆ/    kai/かい/ひさ.ぐ/

rice gruel


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