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にゅうし/nyuushi/common nyuushi/にゅうし/common入試
もし/moshi/common moshi/もし/common模試
ついし/tsuishi/common tsuishi/ついし/common追試
こうし/koushi/ koushi/こうし/公試
  • noun:
    1. national examinations
こくし/kokushi/ kokushi/こくし/国試
  • noun:
    1. state examination (e.g. medical school)   国家試験
いちげいにゅうし/ichigeinyuushi/ ichigeinyuushi/いちげいにゅうし/一芸入試
  • noun:
    1. entrance exam for a university giving preference to persons who excel in one special field (skill);  one-talent oriented entrance examination
しし/shishi/ shishi/しし/司試
いんし/inshi/ inshi/いんし/院試
だいがくいんにゅうし/daigakuinnyuushi/ daigakuinnyuushi/だいがくいんにゅうし/大学院入試
だいがくにゅうし/daigakunyuushi/ daigakunyuushi/だいがくにゅうし/大学入試
  • noun:
    1. university entrance examination

/SHI/    こころ.みる/kokoro.miru/    ため.す/    kokoro.miru/こころ.みる/ため.す/

test;  try;  attempt;  experiment;  ordeal


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