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りょうど/ryoudo/common ryoudo/りょうど/common領土
ぜんど/zendo/common zendo/ぜんど/common全土
ふうど/fuudo/common fuudo/ふうど/common風土
きょうど/kyoudo/common kyoudo/きょうど/common郷土
  • noun:
    1. native place;  birth-place;  one's old home
こくど/kokudo/common kokudo/こくど/common国土
ほんど/hondo/common hondo/ほんど/common本土
ねんど/nendo/common · ねばつち/nebatsuchi/ nendo/ねんど/common · nebatsuchi/ねばつち/粘土
しゅつど/shutsudo/common shutsudo/しゅつど/common出土
  • noun / noun or participle with aux. verb する → conjugation:
    1. archeological excavation (archaeological)
じょうど/joudo/common joudo/じょうど/common浄土
  • noun:
    1. Pure Land (esp. the Western Pure Land paradise of Amitabha)  —Buddhist term.
    2. Pure Land Buddhism  —Abbreviation.
しょうど/shoudo/common shoudo/しょうど/common焦土
  • noun:
    1. scorched earth
とうど/toudo/common toudo/とうど/common凍土
  • noun:
    1. frozen soil
あかつち/akatsuchi/common akatsuchi/あかつち/common赤土
  • noun:
    1. red clay;  tuff loam;  dark-red paint
ひょうど/hyoudo/common hyoudo/ひょうど/common表土
  • noun:
    1. top soil
おうど/oudo/common · こうど/koudo/ oudo/おうど/common · koudo/こうど/黄土
  • noun:
    1. earth;  yellow soil;  yellow ochre;  loess;  hades
こくど/kokudo/ · くろつち/kurotsuchi/common kokudo/こくど/ · kurotsuchi/くろつち/common黒土
  • noun:
    1. black terracotta;  black soil
ふくど/fukudo/common fukudo/ふくど/common覆土
  • noun / noun or participle with aux. verb する → conjugation:
    1. covering seeds with soil
おうど/oudo/ oudo/おうど/王土
  • noun:
    1. royal or imperial domain
かいど/kaido/ · はいつち/haitsuchi/ kaido/かいど/ · haitsuchi/はいつち/灰土
  • noun:
    1. ashes and earth;  poor volcanic soil
きゃくど/kyakudo/ · かくど/kakudo/ kyakudo/きゃくど/ · kakudo/かくど/客土
  • noun:
    1. land which one visits;  alien land;  topsoil brought from another place to mix with the soil
きゅうど/kyuudo/ kyuudo/きゅうど/旧土
  • noun:
    1. former property or territory
くど/kudo/ kudo/くど/苦土
  • noun:
    1. this painful world;  magnesia
さくど/sakudo/ sakudo/さくど/作土
  • noun:
    1. surface soil
ていど/teido/ teido/ていど/帝土
  • noun:
    1. imperial domain
でいど/deido/ deido/でいど/泥土
  • noun:
    1. mud
ひんど/hindo/ hindo/ひんど/貧土
  • noun:
    1. poor soil;  poor country

/DO/    /TO/    つち/tsuchi/DO//    TO//    tsuchi/つち/

soil;  earth;  ground;  Turkey

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