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くうどう/kuudou/common kuudou/くうどう/common空洞
  • noun:
    1. cave;  hollow;  cavity
ふうどう/fuudou/common fuudou/ふうどう/common風洞
  • noun:
    1. wind tunnel
せつどう/setsudou/ setsudou/せつどう/雪洞
  • noun:
    1. snow cave
ぼんぼり/bonbori/ bonbori/ぼんぼり/雪洞
  • noun:
    1. paper-covered lamp or lantern
しょうどう/shoudou/ shoudou/しょうどう/晶洞
  • noun:
    1. druse (globular calcium oxalate crystals, often lining a rock cavity)
るいどう/ruidou/ ruidou/るいどう/類洞
  • noun / noun with genitive case particle の:
    1. sinusoid (in anatomy)
じゅどう/judou/ judou/じゅどう/樹洞
  • noun:
    1. tree hollow;  hollow in a tree

ドウ//    ほら/hora/DOU/ドウ/    hora/ほら/

den;  cave;  excavation


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