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ぞうげ/zouge/common zouge/ぞうげ/common象牙
しが/shiga/ shiga/しが/歯牙
  • noun:
    1. teeth (and tusks)
どくが/dokuga/ dokuga/どくが/毒牙
  • noun:
    1. poison fang;  vicious way;  evil power
そうが/souga/ souga/そうが/爪牙
  • noun:
    1. claws and tusks;  devious design;  right-hand man
ぶつげ/butsuge/ butsuge/ぶつげ/仏牙
  • noun:
    1. tooth of Buddha recovered from his cremated ashes  —Buddhist term.

/GA/    /GE/    きば/kiba/    /ha/GA//    GE//    kiba/きば/    ha//

tusk;  fang;  tusk radical (no. 92)


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