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こくおう/kokuou/common kokuou/こくおう/common国王
じょおう/joou/common joou/じょおう/common女王
りゅうおう/ryuuou/common ryuuou/りゅうおう/common竜王 · 龍王
  • noun:
    1. Dragon King
    2. promoted rook (shogi)
かおう/kaou/common kaou/かおう/common花王
  • noun:
    1. peony;  king of flowers
ほうおう/houou/common houou/ほうおう/common法王
ていおう/teiou/common teiou/ていおう/common帝王
しんのう/shinnou/common shinnou/しんのう/common親王
  • noun:
    1. prince of royal blood;  Imperial prince
だいおう/daiou/common daiou/だいおう/common大王
  • noun:
    1. great king
におう/niou/common niou/におう/common仁王 · 二王
  • noun:
    1. the two guardian Deva kings
きょうおう/kyouou/ kyouou/きょうおう/教王
  • noun:
    1. Pope
きんのう/kinnou/ kinnou/きんのう/勤王
  • noun:
    1. imperialism;  loyalism
まおう/maou/ maou/まおう/魔王
みょうおう/myouou/ myouou/みょうおう/妙王
  • noun:
    1. Vidya-raja;  King of occult know-how;  enlightened one (suffix of Buddhist deities)
せんおう/sen'ou/ sen'ou/せんおう/僭王
  • noun:
    1. usurper king
せんおう/sen'ou/ · せんのう/sennou/ sen'ou/せんおう/ · sennou/せんのう/先王
  • noun:
    1. the late king;  the preceding king;  good ancient kings
そんのう/sonnou/ sonnou/そんのう/尊王 · 尊皇 · 尊皇王
  • noun:
    1. reverence for the emperor;  advocate of imperial rule
てきおう/tekiou/ tekiou/てきおう/敵王
  • noun:
    1. opponents king (in shogi)
ぜんのう/zennou/ zennou/ぜんのう/前王
  • noun:
    1. former king;  late king
えんおう/en'ou/ en'ou/えんおう/閻王
  • noun:
    1. Yama, judge of the afterlife  —Abbreviation.
てんのう/tennou/ tennou/てんのう/天王
  • noun:
    1. heavenly king  —Buddhist term.
    2. Gozu Tenno (deity said to be the Indian god Gavagriva)   牛頭天王
じゅうおう/juuou/ juuou/じゅうおう/十王
  • noun:
    1. ten rulers of the afterlife (who judge the dead and determine their placement in their next life)  —Buddhist term.
みょうおう/myouou/ myouou/みょうおう/明王
  • noun:
    1. Wisdom King  —Buddhist term.
わおう/waou/ waou/わおう/倭王
  • noun:
    1. king of Yamato  —Archaism.
はおう/haou/ haou/はおう/覇王
  • noun:
    1. supreme ruler;  autocrat;  dynast;  high king
えいおう/eiou/ eiou/えいおう/英王
  • noun:
    1. King of England

オウ/Ō/    -ノウ/-NŌ/OU/オウ/    -NOU/-ノウ/

king;  rule;  magnate

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