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てはず/tehazu/ tehazu/てはず/手筈 · 手はず
やはず/yahazu/ yahazu/やはず/矢筈
  • noun:
    1. nock of an arrow
    2. forked tool used for hanging scrolls
ゆみはず/yumihazu/ · ゆはず/yuhazu/ yumihazu/ゆみはず/ · yuhazu/ゆはず/弓筈 · 弓弭
  • noun:
    1. nock (of a bow)

カツ/KATSU/    はず/hazu/    やはず/yahazu/KATSU/カツ/    hazu/はず/    yahazu/やはず/

notch of an arrow;  ought;  must;  should be;  expected


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