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いしき/ishiki/common ishiki/いしき/common意識
にんしき/ninshiki/common ninshiki/にんしき/common認識
ちしき/chishiki/common chishiki/ちしき/common知識 · 智識
じょうしき/joushiki/common joushiki/じょうしき/common常識
がくしき/gakushiki/common gakushiki/がくしき/common学識
ひょうしき/hyoushiki/common hyoushiki/ひょうしき/common標識
りょうしき/ryoushiki/common ryoushiki/りょうしき/common良識
けんしき/kenshiki/common kenshiki/けんしき/common見識
めんしき/menshiki/common menshiki/めんしき/common面識
かんしき/kanshiki/common kanshiki/かんしき/common鑑識 · 鑒識
はくしき/hakushiki/common hakushiki/はくしき/common博識
がんしき/ganshiki/ ganshiki/がんしき/眼識
きゅうしき/kyuushiki/ kyuushiki/きゅうしき/旧識
  • noun:
    1. old friend
そうしき/soushiki/ soushiki/そうしき/相識
  • noun:
    1. acquaintance
たくしき/takushiki/ takushiki/たくしき/卓識
  • noun:
    1. clearsightedness;  penetration;  farsightedness;  excellent idea
びょうしき/byoushiki/ byoushiki/びょうしき/病識
  • noun:
    1. consciousness or awareness of being ill
ゆうしき/yuushiki/ yuushiki/ゆうしき/有識
  • noun:
    1. well-informed;  learned
たっしき/tasshiki/ tasshiki/たっしき/達識
  • noun:
    1. farsightedness;  insight
ろくしき/rokushiki/ rokushiki/ろくしき/六識
  • noun:
    1. six consciousnesses (i.e. functions of the six sense organs: seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching, and reasoning)  —Buddhist term.
ゆいしき/yuishiki/ yuishiki/ゆいしき/唯識
  • noun:
    1. vijnapti-matrata (theory that all existence is subjective and nothing exists outside of the mind)  —Buddhist term.
ふしき/fushiki/ fushiki/ふしき/不識
  • noun:
    1. the unknown
はっしき/hasshiki/ · はちしき/hachishiki/ hasshiki/はっしき/ · hachishiki/はちしき/八識
  • noun:
    1. eight consciousnesses (one for each of the five senses, consciousness of the mind, self-consciousness and store consciousness)  —Buddhist term.

シキ/SHIKI/    し.る/    しる.す/シキ/し.る/しる.す/

discriminating;  know;  write


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