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シン/SHIN/    の.びる/no.biru/    の.ばす/no.basu/    の.べる/no.beru/    の.す/シン/    no.biru/の.びる/    no.basu/の.ばす/    no.beru/の.べる/の.す/

expand;  stretch;  extend;  lengthen;  increase Frenchallonger;  étirer;  accroître;  étendre;  augmenter Portugueseexpandir;  esticar;  extender;  alongar;  aumentar Spanishprolongar;  expandir;  estirar;  extender;  alargar;  prolongarse;  estirarse

Radical: (human).   Strokes: 7画.   Elements: |⺅日田.   Pinyin: shēn.   Hangul:  [sin].   Nanori: のぶ / よぼるnobu / yoboru.

Jōyō Kanji High School.   JLPT N2.

Example compounds:
じょうしんjōshin】rise in market prices
しんしゅくshinshuku】expansion and contraction; elasticity; flexibility
びるnobiruびるのびるnobiru】to stretch; to make progress; to grow stale (soba); to be straightened; to be exhausted; to be postponed
尺がびるしゃくがのびるshakuganobiru】extending in length (parts of television programs)
ばすnobasu引きばすひきのばすhikinobasu】to stretch larger; to enlarge (photos); to delay (e.g. the end of a meeting)
ばすのばすnobasu】to grow long (beard, hair, etc.); to lengthen; to reach out; to straighten; to spread evenly (dough, cream, etc.); to dilute; to postpone; to prolong; to strengthen
べるnoberu差しべるさしのべるsashinoberu】to hold out; to thrust (javelin); to offer (e.g. aid, help, etc.)
べるのべるnoberu】to lay out (a futon); to postpone
床をべるとこをのべるtokowonoberu】to spread (make) a bed
nosuのすnosu】to stretch; to gain influence; to go further; to smooth out; to spread out (something folded); to iron; to knock out
Codepoints and classification codes:
31-13JIS X 0208
2520.6Four Corner
2155De Roo
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