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キン/KIN/    ゴン/GON/    つと.める/tsuto.meru/    -づと.め/    つと.まる/tsuto.maru/    いそ.しむ/iso.shimu/KIN/キン/    GON/ゴン/    tsuto.meru/つと.める/づと.め/    tsuto.maru/つと.まる/    iso.shimu/いそ.しむ/

diligence;  become employed;  serve Frenchassiduité;  application;  travailler;  être employé Portuguesediligência;  tornar-se empregado;  servir Spanishtarea;  trabajo;  deber;  servicio diario;  servir;  desempeñar un cargo;  ser adecuado para

Radical: (power).   Strokes: 12画.   Elements: 土力⺾口.   Pinyin: qín.   Hangul:  [geun].

Jōyō Kanji 6th Grade.   JLPT N3.

Example compounds:
キンKINないきんnaikin】office or indoor work
にっきんnikkin】day shift
がいきんgaikin】working away from the office
ゴンGONごんぐgongu】inquiring the Buddha way
ごんぎょうgongyō】religious service (usu. Buddhist)
つとめるtsutomeruめるつとめるtsutomeru】to work (for); to serve (as); to conduct a religious service
役をめるやくをつとめるyakuwotsutomeru】to act (as); to hold an office; to play the part (of)
つとまるtsutomaruまるつとまるtsutomaru】to be fit for; to be equal to; to function properly
いそしむisoshimu仕事にしむしごとにいそしむshigotoniisoshimu】to be assiduous in one's business
しむいそしむisoshimu】to endeavor; to endeavour; to work hard (at)
Codepoints and classification codes:
22-48JIS X 0208
4412.7Four Corner
1945De Roo
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