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/GO/    うま/uma/GO//    uma/うま/

noon;  sign of the horse;  11AM-1PM;  seventh sign of Chinese zodiac Frenchmidi;  signe de la 7ème branche terrestre;  signe du Cheval (zodiaque);  11 h à 13 h;  Sud (180°) Portuguesemeio-dia Spanishmediodía

Radical: (ten).   Strokes: 4画.   Elements: ノ干十.   Pinyin: .   Hangul:  [o].

Jōyō Kanji 2nd Grade.   JLPT N5.

Example compounds:
GOたんごtango】Boy's Day celebration (May 5th) (one of the five annual festivals)
しごせんshigosen】the meridian
しょうごshōgo】noon; mid-day
うまumaうまuma】seventh sign of Chinese zodiac (The Horse, 11am-1pm, south, May)
うまどしumadoshi】year of the horse
はつうまhatsūma】first "horse day" in any lunar month, but esp. the second lunar month; traditional day for worship at "fox deity" shrines
Codepoints and classification codes:
24-65JIS X 0208
8040.0Four Corner
2355De Roo
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