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マイ/MAI/    う.める/u.meru/    う.まる/u.maru/    う.もれる/u.moreru/    うず.める/uzu.meru/    うず.まる/uzu.maru/    い.ける/i.keru/MAI/マイ/    u.meru/う.める/    u.maru/う.まる/    u.moreru/う.もれる/    uzu.meru/うず.める/    uzu.maru/うず.まる/    i.keru/い.ける/

bury;  be filled up;  embedded Frenchenterrer;  être rempli;  enfoncé Portugueseenterrar;  ocupar-se;  embutido Spanishenterrado;  relleno;  incrustado;  ser enterrado;  ser rellenado;  enterrar;  rellenar;  incrustar

Radical: (earth).   Strokes: 10画.   Elements: 土里.   Pinyin: mái / mán.   Hangul:  [mae].

Jōyō Kanji High School.   JLPT N2.

Example compounds:
マイMAIまいぼつmaibotsu】burying; embedding; implantation
まいせつmaisetsu】putting (laying) underground
めるumeruめるうめるumeru】to bury (e.g. in the ground); to fill up (e.g. audience fills a hall); to plug gaps; to make amends; to put cold water in a bath; to cover
生きめるいきうめるikiumeru】to bury (somebody) alive
土にめるつちにうめるtsuchiniumeru】to bury in the ground
もれるumoreruもれるうもれるumoreru】to be buried; to be covered; to be hidden
うずめるuzumeruめるうずめるuzumeru】to cover; to fill (completely)
骨をめるほねをうずめるhonewōzumeru】to die in (a foreign land); to engage in something until death comes; to do something for the rest of one's life
うずまるuzumaruまるうずまるuzumaru】to be buried; to be surrounded; to overflow; to be filled
けるikeruけるいけるikeru】to bury something in the ground; to cover coals with ash
Codepoints and classification codes:
43-68JIS X 0208
4611.4Four Corner
1472De Roo
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