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ガイ/GAI/    /GE/    そと/soto/    ほか/hoka/    はず.す/    はず.れる/hazu.reru/    と-/to-/GAI/ガイ/    GE//    soto/そと/    hoka/ほか/はず.す/    hazu.reru/はず.れる/    to-/と-/

outside Frenchextérieur PortugueseExterior Spanishfuera;  exterior;  otro;  desatar;  estar desatado;  estar desconectado

Radical: (evening).   Strokes: 5画.   Elements: 卜夕.   Pinyin: wài.   Hangul:  [oe].   Nanori: うい /  / ふかui / ke / fuka.

Jōyō Kanji 2nd Grade.   JLPT N5.

Example compounds:
交辞令がいこうじれいgaikōjirei】diplomatic turn of phrase; diplomatic language; tactful way of expressing something
がいかくgaikaku】outer wall (e.g. castle); outline
GEげくうgekū】Outer shrine of Ise
形成けいせいげかkeiseigeka】plastic surgery
そとsotoそとぼりsotobori】outer moat (castle)
回りそとまわりsotomawari】circumference; perimeter; outer tracks (in a loop or curve); outside work
付けそとづけsotoduke】external (hard drive, etc.); attached outside
ほかhokaこのこのほかkonohoka】besides; moreover; in addition
そのそのほかsonohoka】etc.; otherwise; besides; in addition; the rest; the others; and so forth
ほかにhokani】in addition; besides
はずhazusu取りとりはずすtorihazusu】to dismantle; to demount; to take something away; to detach
はずすhazusu】to unfasten; to remove; to leave; to miss (a target)
切りきりはずすkirihazusu】to miss in attempting to kill
はずれるhazureruれるなみはずれるnamihazureru】to be uncommon
れるはずれるhazureru】to be disconnected; to get out of place; to be off; to be out (e.g. of gear)
ピントがれるピントがはずれるpintogahazureru】to be out of focus; to be off the point
Codepoints and classification codes:
19-16JIS X 0208
2320.0Four Corner
2554De Roo
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