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シツ/SHITSU/    うしな.う/ushina.u/    う.せる/u.seru/SHITSU/シツ/    ushina.u/うしな.う/    u.seru/う.せる/

lose;  error;  fault;  disadvantage;  loss Frenchperdre;  erreur;  faute;  désavantage Portugueseerro;  falta;  desvantagem;  perda Spanishpérdida;  error;  defecto;  fallo;  perder;  malograr;  errar

Radical: (big).   Strokes: 5画.   Elements: ノ人二大.   Pinyin: shī.   Hangul:  [sil].

Jōyō Kanji 4th Grade.   JLPT N3.

Example compounds:
心神喪しんしんそうしつshinshinsōshitsu】of unsound mind
語症しつごしょうshitsugoshō】aphasia (loss of speech)
うしなushinauみうしなうmiushinau】to lose sight of; to miss
うしなうushinau】to lose; to part with
色をいろをうしなうirowōshinau】to turn pale; to lose color; to lose colour
せるuseruせるうせるuseru】to disappear; to vanish
消えせるきえうせるkieuseru】to disappear; to get out of sight; to die; (in imperative) to fuck off
逃げせるにげうせるnigeuseru】to escape; to run away
Codepoints and classification codes:
28-26JIS X 0208
2503.0Four Corner
2463De Roo
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