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/SHI/    /SU/    /TSU/    /ko/    -こ/-ko/    /ne/SHI//    SU//    TSU//    ko//    -ko/-こ/    ne//

child;  sign of the rat;  11PM-1AM;  first sign of Chinese zodiac Frenchenfant;  signe de la 1ère branche terrestre;  signe du Rat (zodiaque);  23 h à 01 h;  Nord (0°) Portuguesecriança Spanishchiquillo;  niño

Radical: (child).   Strokes: 3画.   Pinyin: / / zi.   Hangul:  [ja].   Nanori:  /  /  /  /  / ねっi / ki / gi / ku / ke / ne'.

Jōyō Kanji 1st Grade.   JLPT N5.

Example compounds:
SHI貴公きこうしkikōshi】young noble; noble youth
抜けひょうしぬけhyōshinuke】anticlimax; let-down; disappointment; loss of interest
パンかしパンkashipan】sweetened bun
SU長椅ながいすnagaisu】couch; bench; ottoman
車椅くるまいすkurumaisu】wheelchair; folding push-chair
えびすebisu】Ebisu (god of fishing and commerce)
TSUメンツmentsu】face; combination of three tiles that form a set in mahjong; personnel; making up a four to play mahjong
ko竹のたけのこtakenoko】bamboo shoot; inexperienced doctor
張りはりこhariko】papier mache
Codepoints and classification codes:
27-50JIS X 0208
1740.7Four Corner
3547De Roo
Dictionary indices:
1264Classic Nelson
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ベン/BEN/    メン/MEN/BEN/ベン/    MEN/メン/

shaped crown;  katakana u radical (no. 40)

Radical: (roof).   Strokes: 3画.   Pinyin: mián.   Hangul:  [myeon].

Example compounds:
ベンBENべんぶbenbu】"roof" kanji radical (radical 40)
Codepoints and classification codes:
53-63JIS X 0208
3032.7Four Corner
Dictionary indices:
1304The New Nelson Character Dictionary by A. Nelson
3425New Japanese-English Character Dictionary by J. Halpern
7054Daikanwajiten 「大漢和辞典」 by T. Morohashi vol. 3 p. 895


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