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シュウ/SHŪ/    ジュ/JU/    つ.く/tsu.ku/    つ.ける/tsu.keru/SHUU/シュウ/    JU/ジュ/    tsu.ku/つ.く/    tsu.keru/つ.ける/

concerning;  settle;  take position;  depart;  study;  per Frenchconcernant;  s'installer;  prendre place;  prendre un poste;  adhérer à;  se rendre à;  étudier;  par Portuguesecolocar;  tomar partido;  lado de um contrato;  partido Spanishllegar al trabajo;  realizar;  establecerse en;  tomar posición;  llevar a cabo

Radical: (lame).   Strokes: 12画.   Elements: 口小丶亠尤尢.   Pinyin: jiù.   Hangul:  [chwi].   Nanori: たか / なりtaka / nari.

Jōyō Kanji 6th Grade.   JLPT N1.

Example compounds:
シュウSHŪしゅうえきshūeki】placed in commission; entering servitude
しゅうこうshūkō】going into commission (e.g. ships)
きょしゅうkyoshū】committing one's self
ジュJUじょうじゅjōju】fulfillment; fulfilment; realization; realisation; completion
不空成ふくうじょうじゅfukūjōju】Amoghasiddhi; Infallible Magic (a dhyani-Buddha)
心願成しんがんじょうじゅshinganjōju】earnest prayers being answered; realization of one's earnest wishes
tsukuつくtsuku】to ascend (the throne); to take (seat, position, course, etc.); to start (on a journey); to study (under teacher)
縛にばくにつくbakunitsuku】to be arrested; to be put in bonds
床にとこにつくtokonitsuku】to go to bed; to be sick in bed; to be laid up
けるtsukeruけるつけるtsukeru】to install (a king, emperor, etc.); to appoint (to a post); to assign (to study under)
役にけるやくにつけるyakunitsukeru】to place someone in a position
Codepoints and classification codes:
29-2JIS X 0208
0391.4Four Corner
457De Roo
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