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トウ//    あ.たる/a.taru/    あ.たり/a.tari/    あ.てる/a.teru/    あ.て/a.te/    まさ.に/    まさ.にべし/masa.nibeshi/TOU/トウ/    a.taru/あ.たる/    a.tari/あ.たり/    a.teru/あ.てる/    a.te/あ.て/まさ.に/    masa.nibeshi/まさ.にべし/

hit;  right;  appropriate;  himself Frenchfrapper;  juste;  approprié;  lui-même Portuguesegolpear;  direita;  apropriada;  ele próprio Spanishacertar;  realizarse;  tocar;  ganar;  adivinar

Radical: (small).   Strokes: 6画.   Elements: ヨ⺌.   Variants: .   Pinyin: dāng / dàng.   Hangul:  [dang].   Nanori: たいtai.

Jōyō Kanji 2nd Grade.   JLPT N3.

Example compounds:
トウ違いけんとうちがいkentōchigai】wrong (guess or estimate); misdirected
特別配とくべつはいとうきんtokubetsuhaitōkin】special dividend
とうがいtōgai】appropriate (authorities); concern; applicability; correlation
たるataru突きたるつきあたるtsukiataru】to run into; to collide with; to come to the end of (a street)
たるあたるataru】to be hit; to touch; to be equivalent to; to be right on the money (of a prediction, criticism, etc.); to be selected (in a lottery, etc.); to be successful; to face; to lie (in the direction of); to undertake; to be stricken (by food poisoning, heat, etc.); to be called upon (by the teacher); to treat (esp. harshly); to be unnecessary; (in baseball) to be hitting well; (in fishing) to feel a bite; (of fruit, etc.) to be bruised; to feel (something) out; to shave; to be a relative of a person
たりatariたりひとあたりhitoatari】one's manners; one's attitude
たり年あたりどしataridoshi】good or lucky year
たりたいあたりtaiatari】body blow; ramming (suicide) attack
てるateru掘りてるほりあてるhoriateru】to strike; to find; to dig up
引きてるひきあてるhikiateru】to draw (the winning ticket); to apply
ate掘りてるほりあてるhoriateru】to strike; to find; to dig up
引きてるひきあてるhikiateru】to draw (the winning ticket); to apply
まさmasaniまさにmasani】exactly; just (about to); duly
Codepoints and classification codes:
37-86JIS X 0208
9017.7Four Corner
1075De Roo
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