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/HI/    かれ/kare/    かの/kano/    か.の/    kare/かれ/    kano/かの/か.の/

he;  that;  the Frenchlui;  celui-là Portugueseele;  que;  o Spanisheso;  aquello;  otra persona

Radical: (step).   Strokes: 8画.   Elements: 皮又彳.   Pinyin: .   Hangul:  [pi].   Nanori: そのsono.

Jōyō Kanji High School.   JLPT N3.

Example compounds:
HIひがんhigan】equinoctial week (when Buddhist services are held); Buddhist services during the equinoctial week; nirvana
岸花ひがんばなhiganbana】red spider lily (Lycoris radiata); cluster amaryllis
ひがhiga】self and others; this and that; both sides; oneself and one's opponent; he and I
かれkare】he; his; boyfriend
かれらkarera】they (usually male); them
かのkanoかのじょkanojo】she; her; girl friend
女らかのじょらkanojora】they (females); them
kanoの地かのちkanochi】there; that place
Codepoints and classification codes:
40-64JIS X 0208
2424.7Four Corner
2067De Roo
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