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ノウ//    なや.む/    なや.ます/naya.masu/    なや.ましい/naya.mashii/    なやみ/nayami/NOU/ノウ/なや.む/    naya.masu/なや.ます/    naya.mashii/なや.ましい/    nayami/なやみ/

trouble;  worry;  in pain;  distress;  illness Frenchsoucieux;  ennuis;  peine;  détresse;  maladie Portuguesedificuldade;  preocupação;  perigo;  doença Spanishpreocupación;  pena;  sufrimiento;  angustia;  estar preocupado;  sentir pena;  sufrir;  angustiarse

Radical: (heart).   Strokes: 10画.   Elements: ⺌忄凵.   Variants: .   Pinyin: nǎo.   Hangul:  [noe].

Jōyō Kanji High School.   JLPT N2.

Example compounds:
ノウぼんのうbonnō】worldly desires; klesha (polluting thoughts such as greed, hatred and delusion, which result in suffering)
くのうkunō】suffering; distress; affliction; anguish; agony; trouble
子煩こぼんのうkobonnō】indulgent; fond
なやnayamu思いおもいなやむomoinayamu】to worry about; to be worried about; to fret about; to not know what to do; to be at a loss (as to what to do)
伸びのびなやむnobinayamu】to be sluggish (business)
なやむnayamu】to be worried; to be troubled
なやますnayamasuますなやますnayamasu】to afflict; to torment; to harass; to molest
頭をますあたまをなやますatamawonayamasu】to rack one's brains
なやましいnayamashiiましいなやましいnayamashii】seductive; troubling; anxious
なやみnayamiみの種なやみのたねnayaminotane】cause of annoyance
み事なやみごとnayamigoto】worry; matter causing distress
Codepoints and classification codes:
39-26JIS X 0208
9207.2Four Corner
1175De Roo
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