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ソウ//    /SO/    おも.う/omo.u/SOU/ソウ/    SO//    omo.u/おも.う/

concept;  think;  idea;  thought Frenchconcept;  pensée;  idée Portugueseconceito;  pensar;  idéia;  pensamento Spanishconcepto;  idea;  pensamiento

Radical: (heart).   Strokes: 13画.   Elements: 心木目.   Pinyin: xiǎng.   Hangul:  [sang].

Jōyō Kanji 3rd Grade.   JLPT N3.

Example compounds:
ソウ無愛ぶあいそうbuaisō】unsociability; bluntness
ついそうtsuisō】recollection; reminiscence
りそうきょうrisōkyō】ideal land; earthly paradise; Utopia; Arcadia
SOりそうきょうrisōkyō】ideal land; earthly paradise; Utopia; Arcadia
げんそうきょくgensōkyoku】fantasy; fantasia
おもomouおもうomō】to think; to think (of doing); to judge; to imagine; to expect; to feel; to recall
昔をむかしをおもうmukashiwōmō】to recall the old days
Codepoints and classification codes:
33-59JIS X 0208
4633.0Four Corner
1858De Roo
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