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コン/KON/    ねんご.ろ/コン/ねんご.ろ/

sociable;  kind;  courteous;  hospitable;  cordial Frenchsociable;  gentil;  courtois;  hospitalier;  cordial Portuguesesociável;  espécie;  cordial;  hospitaleira;  cortês Spanishsociable;  amable;  cortés;  hospitalario;  cordial

Radical: (heart).   Strokes: 17画.   Elements: 艮心爪犭豸.   Pinyin: kěn.   Hangul:  [gan].

Jōyō Kanji High School.   JLPT N1.

Example compounds:
コンKONこんがんkongan】entreaty; supplication; petition
こんいkon'i】kindness; intimacy; friendship
こんせいkonsei】appeal; entreaty; request
ねんごnengoroねんごろnengoro】kind; intimate; becoming intimate
ろになるねんごろになるnengoroninaru】to become intimate with (e.g. a woman); to become acquainted
Codepoints and classification codes:
26-9JIS X 0208
2733.3Four Corner
2058De Roo
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