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ヨク/YOKU/    おさ.える/osa.eru/YOKU/ヨク/    osa.eru/おさ.える/

repress;  well;  now;  in the first place;  push;  shove;  press;  seal;  do in spite of Frenchrépression;  bon..!;  maintenant;  en premier lieu;  pousser;  presser;  sceau;  faire en dépit de Portuguesereprimir;  bem;  agora;  no primeiro lugar;  empurrar;  pressionar;  imprenum;  carimbo;  fazer apesar de Spanishfreno;  restricción;  reprimir;  restringir

Radical: (hand).   Strokes: 7画.   Elements: 卩扌.   Variants: .   Pinyin: .   Hangul:  [eog].

Jōyō Kanji High School.   JLPT N1.

Example compounds:
ヨクYOKUよくようyokuyō】intonation; accent; modulation; inflection
よくあつyokuatsu】check; restraint; oppression; suppression
よくしyokushi】check; checkmate; stave off; control; restraint; inhibit
おさえるosaeruえるおさえるosaeru】to pin something down; to seize; to gain control of something; to catch happening
反乱をえるはんらんをおさえるhanranwōsaeru】to stifle a rebellion
えるとりおさえるtoriosaeru】to seize; to hold down
Codepoints and classification codes:
45-62JIS X 0208
5702.0Four Corner
1344De Roo
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