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ショウ/SHŌ/    まね.く/mane.ku/SHOU/ショウ/    mane.ku/まね.く/

beckon;  invite;  summon;  engage Frenchinviter;  faire signe;  appeler;  éveiller (attention) Portugueseaceno;  convidar;  encontro;  empenhar Spanishinvitar;  convocar

Radical: (hand).   Strokes: 8画.   Elements: 口刀扌.   Pinyin: zhāo.   Hangul:  [cho]  [gyo].

Jōyō Kanji 5th Grade.   JLPT N3.

Example compounds:
ショウSHŌしょうへいshōhei】(courteous) invitation; to invite (with the utmost courtesy, e.g. an expert or professor to give a lecture)
しょうせいshōsei】calling together; invitation
しょうしゅうshōshū】calling or convening (a meeting, assembly, congress)
まねmanekuまねくmaneku】to invite; to beckon; to call in; to bring on oneself
てまねくtemaneku】to beckon
さしさしまねくsashimaneku】to beckon (to)
Codepoints and classification codes:
30-23JIS X 0208
5706.2Four Corner
1377De Roo
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