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ショ/SHO/    か.く/ka.ku/    -が.き/    -がき/-gaki/SHO/ショ/    ka.ku/か.く/が.き/    -gaki/-がき/

write Frenchécrire Portugueseescrever Spanishescritura;  escrito;  escribir

Radical: (say).   Strokes: 10画.   Elements: 日聿.   Pinyin: shū.   Hangul:  [seo].   Nanori: かきkaki.

Jōyō Kanji 2nd Grade.   JLPT N5.

Example compounds:
ショSHOりんしょrinsho】writing (from a copy)
あいしょaisho】great love of books; favorite book (favourite)
ぎょうしょgyōsho】running script (a semi-cursive style of kanji)
kaku絵をえをかくewokaku】to paint (draw) a picture
かくkaku】to write; to draw
活字体でかつじたいでかくkatsujitaidekaku】to print (on a press)
Codepoints and classification codes:
29-81JIS X 0208
5060.1Four Corner
1678De Roo
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