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/KA/    は.たす/ha.tasu/    はた.す/    -は.たす/-ha.tasu/    は.てる/ha.teru/    -は.てる/-ha.teru/    は.て/ha.te/KA//    ha.tasu/は.たす/はた.す/    -ha.tasu/-は.たす/    ha.teru/は.てる/    -ha.teru/-は.てる/    ha.te/は.て/

fruit;  reward;  carry out;  achieve;  complete;  end;  finish;  succeed Frenchfruit;  récompense;  remplir (tâche);  achever;  compléter;  finir;  réussir;  atteindre un but Portuguesefruta;  recompensa;  levar a cabo;  alcançar;  completar;  fim;  bem-sucedido Spanishfruto;  resultado;  llevar a cabo;  finalizar

Radical: (tree).   Strokes: 8画.   Elements: |田木.   Pinyin: guǒ.   Hangul:  [gwa].   Nanori: mi.

Jōyō Kanji 4th Grade.   JLPT N3.

Example compounds:
KAかだんkadan】decisive; resolute; drastic
けっかろんkekkaron】hindsight-based opinion
音響効おんきょうこうかonkyōkōka】sound effects; acoustics
たすhatasu使いたすつかいはたすtsukaihatasu】to use up; to squander
たすはたすhatasu】to accomplish; to do ... completely
はたhatasu使いつかいはたすtsukaihatasu】to use up; to squander
てるhateru疲れてるつかれはてるtsukarehateru】to get tired out; to be exhausted
弱りてるよわりはてるyowarihateru】to be exhausted; to be at a loss; to be worn out; to be helpless
てるはてるhateru】to end; indicates an extreme has been reached
hate疲れつかれはてtsukarehate】being tired out
疲れてるつかれはてるtsukarehateru】to get tired out; to be exhausted
弱りてるよわりはてるyowarihateru】to be exhausted; to be at a loss; to be worn out; to be helpless
Codepoints and classification codes:
18-44JIS X 0208
6090.4Four Corner
3664De Roo
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