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/KO/    か.れる/ka.reru/    か.らす/ka.rasu/KO//    ka.reru/か.れる/    ka.rasu/か.らす/

wither;  die;  dry up;  be seasoned Frenchdépérir;  mourir;  se faner;  sec (bois) Portugueseencolher;  secar;  ressecar;  evaporar Spanishmarchito;  seco;  decaimiento;  secar;  malograr;  marchitarse;  secarse;  decaer

Radical: (tree).   Strokes: 9画.   Elements: 口十木.   Pinyin: .   Hangul:  [go].

Jōyō Kanji High School.   JLPT N2.

Example compounds:
KOえいこeiko】vicissitudes; ups and downs
こしkoshi】withering; dying
こかつkokatsu】drying up; becoming exhausted; running dry; starvation
れるkareruれるかれるkareru】to wither (of a plant); to mature (of one's personality, abilities, etc.)
声がれるこえがかれるkoegakareru】to become hoarse
らすkarasuらすからすkarasu】to let dry; to kill (vegetation); to season (lumber)
切りらすきりからすkirikarasu】to destroy; to kill off (trees)
尾羽打ちらすおはうちからすohauchikarasu】to be in a miserable state; to be down and out
Codepoints and classification codes:
24-47JIS X 0208
4496.0Four Corner
1877De Roo
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