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セン/SEN/    そ.める/so.meru/    -ぞ.め/    -ぞめ/-zome/    そ.まる/so.maru/    し.みる/shi.miru/    -じ.みる/-ji.miru/    し.み/shi.mi/    -し.める/-shi.meru/SEN/セン/    so.meru/そ.める/ぞ.め/    -zome/-ぞめ/    so.maru/そ.まる/    shi.miru/し.みる/    -ji.miru/-じ.みる/    shi.mi/し.み/    -shi.meru/-し.める/

dye;  color;  paint;  stain;  print Frenchteindre;  tache;  pollution;  colorer;  peindre;  imprimer Portuguesetinta;  cor;  pintura;  tingir;  impressão Spanishtinte;  teñir;  contagiar;  colorear;  manchar;  mancha

Radical: (tree).   Strokes: 9画.   Elements: 九氵木.   Pinyin: rǎn.   Hangul:  [yeom].   Nanori: そめsome.

Jōyō Kanji 6th Grade.   JLPT N1.

Example compounds:
センSENせんしょくsenshoku】dyeing and weaving
でんせんdensen】contagion; infection
めるsomeruめるそめるsomeru】to dye; to colour; to color
手をめるてをそめるtewosomeru】to have a hand (in)
めるほほそめるhohosomeru】to blush
まるsomaruまるそまるsomaru】to be dyed; to be tainted
悪にまるあくにそまるakunisomaru】to steeped in vice
黒くまるくろくそまるkurokusomaru】to be dyed black
みるshimiruみるしみるshimiru】to pierce; to (enter a wound or sensitive area and) sting; to be infected (with vice)
身にみるみにしみるminishimiru】to sink deeply into one's mind; to pierce one's body (e.g. of wind, cold, etc.)
shimiみ込むしみこむshimikomu】to soak into; to permeate
しみshimi】stain; spot (on one's skin, e.g. chloasma, liver spot)
みるしみるshimiru】to pierce; to (enter a wound or sensitive area and) sting; to be infected (with vice)
Codepoints and classification codes:
32-87JIS X 0208
3490.4Four Corner
364De Roo
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