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/O/    けが.す/    けが.れる/kega.reru/    けが.らわしい/kega.rawashii/    よご.す/    よご.れる/yogo.reru/    きたな.い/kitana.i/O//けが.す/    kega.reru/けが.れる/    kega.rawashii/けが.らわしい/よご.す/    yogo.reru/よご.れる/    kitana.i/きたな.い/

dirty;  pollute;  disgrace;  rape;  defile Frenchsale;  polluer;  disgrâce;  profaner;  souiller Portuguesesujo;  poluir;  desgraça;  estupro;  sujar Spanishsucio;  manchado;  manchar;  deshonrar;  ensuciar;  difamar;  obsceno;  ensuciarse

Radical: (water).   Strokes: 6画.   Elements: 一氵.   Variants: .   Pinyin: .   Hangul:  [o].

Jōyō Kanji High School.   JLPT N2.

Example compounds:
Oおぶつobutsu】filth (esp. excrement, feces, urine); muck; waste; garbage; dirt; dust
おでいodei】dirty mud
おてんoten】stain; blot; flaw; disgrace
けがkegasuけがすkegasu】to pollute; to disgrace
末席をまっせきをけがすmassekiwokegasu】to attend a meeting; to have the honor of being present at a meeting; to soil the lowest seat by one's presence
名声をめいせいをけがすmeiseiwokegasu】to defile one's reputation; to besmirch one's name
けがれるkegareruれるけがれるkegareru】to be violated; to be corrupted; to be polluted; to be stained
けがらわしいkegarawashiiらわしいけがらわしいkegarawashii】filthy; unfair; dirty; untouchable; disgusting; nasty; foul; odious; repulsive
らわしい身形けがらわしいみなりkegarawashiiminari】dirty getup (appearance)
見るのもらわしいみるのもけがらわしいmirunomokegarawashii】detestable to look at
よごyogosuよごすyogosu】to pollute; to disgrace
食べたべよごすtabeyogosu】to eat messily
手をてをよごすtewoyogosu】to dirty one's hands
よごれるyogoreruれるよごれるyogoreru】to get dirty; to become sullied
れるうすよごれるusuyogoreru】to get slightly dirty (all over)
きたなkitanaiきたないkitanai】dirty; disordered; indecent (language, etc.); dastardly; stingy
いやり方きたないやりかたkitanaiyarikata】dirty trick
Codepoints and classification codes:
17-88JIS X 0208
3112.7Four Corner
352De Roo
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