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/FU/    う.く/u.ku/    う.かれる/u.kareru/    う.かぶ/u.kabu/    /mu/    う.かべる/u.kaberu/FU//    u.ku/う.く/    u.kareru/う.かれる/    u.kabu/う.かぶ/    mu//    u.kaberu/う.かべる/

floating;  float;  rise to surface Frenchflotter;  faire surface;  venir à l'esprit;  avoir l'air (joyeux, triste) Portugueseboiando;  bóia;  subir para superfície Spanishflotar;  venir a la memoria;  salir a la superficie

Radical: (water).   Strokes: 10画.   Elements: 子氵爪.   Pinyin: .   Hangul:  [bu].   Nanori: うきuki.

Jōyō Kanji High School.   JLPT N3.

Example compounds:
FU動株ふどうかぶfudōkabu】floating stock
ふりょくfuryoku】buoyancy; floating power
ukuうくuku】to float; to become merry; to become loose; to feel out of it; to be frivolous; to have no basis
歯がはがうくhagauku】to get loose teeth; to tire of someone's bragging
宙にちゅうにうくchūniuku】to float in the air
かれるukareruかれるうかれるukareru】to make merry; to be festive
花にかれるはなにうかれるhananiukareru】to be intoxicated with the blossoms
かぶukabuかぶうかぶukabu】to float; to rise to surface; to come to mind
思いかぶおもいうかぶomoiukabu】to occur to; to remind of; to come to mind
muむくみmukumi】swelling; edema; oedema
腫むむくむmukumu】to swell; to become swollen; to be puffy (e.g. face from lack of sleep); to be bloated (esp. from fluid retention)
かべるukaberu思いかべるおもいうかべるomoiukaberu】to be reminded of; to call to mind
かべるうかべるukaberu】to float; to express; to think
会心の笑みをかべるかいしんのえみをうかべるkaishinnoemiwōkaberu】to smile a smile of satisfaction
Codepoints and classification codes:
41-66JIS X 0208
3214.7Four Corner
347De Roo
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